Do you struggle with fear and doubt regarding starting your own business and eventually quitting your job?
YES! I'm ready to:
  • Move past my debilitating fears about leaving my job
  •  Create a solid plan to build a business that will let me quit safely
  •  Develop unshakeable confidence in my new business

"I really enjoyed the confidence to quit programme and for me, the daily challenges were a really strength of the programme as it gave me something to do after each one to move forwards and help me feel like I have made progress" - Corey

I have literally been forming my plan since doing Confidence to Quit and I am so serious about it - Denice

I understand that when I act now, I get instant access to Confidence to Quit, which includes:
  • How To Develop The Confidence To Start A Business And Quit Your Job
  •  How To Plan Your Corporate Escape Easily
  •  How To Transition From Career To Business Safely And Successfully
  • How To  Move Past Your Fear Of Failure
  •  How To Understand What Makes A Great Business Idea
  • How To  Escape The Judgment Of Your Friends And Family
  • How To  STOP Worrying About Being "Good Enough" To Succeed
Here's why I can make these promises to you:  
  • I built my first business in the health segment alongside my banking job  
  •  I quit 3 years ago to become my own boss and I've never looked back since
  •  Through Living Rosy, I've helped nearly thousands of women develop the confidence to quit
  •  I've built a community of over 10,000 corporate women all ready to become their own boss
  •  My story has been featured in many media outlets such as the Financial Times, the London Evening Standard, etc.
What's included in Confidence to Quit?
What will you get?

  • The Full Confidence to Quit Course: 5 in-depth modules
  • Recordings: Downloadable, bitesize recordings you can listen to whenever you need a boost
  • Strategy: Action strategy to make your dream a reality
  •  Exercises: Exercises accompanying each module to help you overcome your specific fears
Get a secret bonus upon completion if you sign up now
  • Bonus: a secret gift upon completion of Confidence to Quit
    Join Confidence to Quit by taking action today!
    I have been in your shoes, I understand what it means to build a business alongside a successful, yet stressful, career. When I started my first business, I was working full time in finance.

    I had so many fears about business, I talked myself out of starting for two full years! And yet, just 18 months into my business, I was making more money than I ever did in my job!

    It’s my passion to help other women overcome their fears and show them how to become their own boss. Getting the confidence to start is the first step! 
    Here is what just a few people just like you had to say about "Confidence to Quit":
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