Here's the TRUTH: 70% of people HATE their job...
.... but less than 1% ever start a business! 
But why?
Most people don't know how to find a good business idea...
Learn How To Find A Service Based Business Idea You Can Run Online From Anywhere
YES! I'm ready to:
  • Find my ideal business idea! 
  •  Discover how to structure my business idea to be profitable!
  •  Create a service based business I can run online from anywhere!

"Through Living Rosy I’ve found my life’s purpose." - Brittany, Canada

"The program was very helpful in opening my eyes - to see what I could be making and how I could be living. Screw this 9-5 BS!

Now, I’ve learned that happy money thoughts lead to a happy bank balance. I know how to create a coaching program with my own signature to meet the needs of my niche market. 

Through Living Rosy I’ve found my life’s purpose. I had my moment of clarity during module 4 -i had my light bulb moment and the early concept for Anime-zing life was born."

Brittany - Canada

"After working with Rosie I felt clearer about how I was going to try to make my dreams come true and business plan take off" - Gina, USA

"I felt like I was working too many hours, my salary wasn’t enough, I didn’t have enough freedom with my time or finances. I wanted to work my own hours from home or wherever I travel to and I wanted to feel passionate about my work. 

I found Living Rosy on Facebook - I decided to invest because I felt an instant connection with Rosie. She inspired and encouraged me and made me feel like my dreams could come true. I didn’t have any hesitations for the program because I felt like the price was what I could invest at the time. 

After working with Rosie I felt clearer about how I was going to try to make my dreams come true and business plan take off. Rosie helped me understand that working a few hours a day was possible she encouraged me that I could make more doing what I feel passionate about."

Gina - USA
I understand that when I act now, I get instant access to Freedom Business Idea, which includes:
  • How to uncover all your skills and experience you can monetise through coaching, consulting or teaching
  •  How to understand the impact your work could have on others
  • How to identify your ideal client niche
  •  How to structure your business around the lifestyle you want
  •  How to price your service to earn thousands per sale
  •  How to plan your Business Launch
Here's why I can make these promises to you:  
  •  I have run online freedom businesses full time for over 3 years since I quit the corporate world for good! 
  •  I've successfully launched service-based online businesses in 2 different industries (health and business mentoring)
  •  Through Living Rosy, I've helped nearly 100 women to find their ideal freedom business idea through my programmes 
  •   I've built a community of over 10,000 corporate women all ready to become their own boss
  •   I've been travelling full time for over a year, running my business the whole time
  • My story has been featured in many media outlets such as the Financial Times, the London Evening Standard, etc.
What's included in Freedom Business Idea?
What will you get?

  • The Full Freedom Business Idea training: Step-by-step proven process used by over 100 students to craft their ideas
  •  5 video modules: to guide you to your Freedom Business Idea and Freedom Business Model
  •  Workbooks: In-depth workbooks with exercises to uncover your hidden skills, talents and passions
  •  Bonus Resources: on business ideas, pricing and business model
  •  Full Freedom Business Idea FAQ: providing answers to (nearly) all questions on business ideas
Get a secret bonus if you sign up now
  • Bonus: a secret gift that will be delivered to you upon completion of the Freedom Business Idea training
AND! 1:1 Private Idea Generation Coaching Session FREE
  • Limited Time Bonus! Get a 1:1 coaching session with me worth $500 when you join Freedom Business Idea now (only 20 spaces)
    Who is Freedom Business Idea for?
    I want you to find a business idea you LOVE, that works for YOUR ideal life. I understand what it means to build a business alongside a hectic job - I launched my first business while working full time in finance. 

    We ALL have skills to share with others, even if we ourselves can’t always see them! My Freedom Business Idea programme will help you discover talents inside yourself that are so hugely valuable, and will change other peoples’ lives.
    But Don't just take my word for it!
    Take a look at what some of my clients have to say
    wondering how it feels once you find your business idea?
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