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... without big start up costs?
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Can you imagine...
  •  Not needing to return to work after your maternity leave?
  •  Achieving financial freedom for you and your family?
  •  Being in charge of your own schedule?
  •  Doing something that fills you with purpose?
  •  Receiving ongoing mentorship throughout the process (for FREE)?
You might be wondering...HOW?

I'm inviting you to join me on my latest venture where you'll earn residual income and, in turn, gain the freedom and space to have more time for your family and yourself.

When you join me, you'll also be joining a group of women just like yourself, and you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with them and earn an income promoting an ethical product...without a huge investment!

This invitation is unlike any of my coaching programmes and offerings. So, HOW can you join?

I'll share more on the HOW in just a minute, but first...

Let me tell you a story...

For 4 years, I've been a business mentor & coach, helping women start online businesses. I love seeing how my clients' lives transform as they start their business, leave jobs they hate, and create true freedom in their lives.

Despite this...a few months ago, I came to the realisation...

NOT everyone in my community wants to become a coach, course creator, or service-based entrepreneur - which are who my business coaching programmes are for

NOT everyone wants to build a personal brand, but give them a product they believe in and they'll promote it without hesitation

NOT everyone has the means to invest $5,000 (or even $1,000) in a business building programme

But, starting a business is the ONLY way to create your life on your own terms:

...To have the freedom of how you spend your time

...The ability to earn as much as you desire

... The flexibility to work from where you want (whether that's a beach, or home with your baby)

...The opportunity to have the impact you desire

In light of this, I’ve decided to release something very, very different.
You're Invited to Join My Exclusive Business Programme
Over the next two months, I'll be leading an exclusive group of women to create their first $1,000 of business income.

We don't stop there though - this is just the beginning!

With this business coaching programme, we are positioning you to create a $5,000 a month income in the next few months, and to grow your income as far as you desire from there - all following a proven system.
This is a premium coaching programme designed to fast track you to success quickly. 

Each week you'll receive training with key action steps for you to take that week - no fluffiness or theory.

You'll then action your learning over the next week.

On Thursday, we'll meet for a group coaching session where you can ask questions and get support with your action taking.

Usually I'd charge $3,000 for such a programme...

But you can access this programme for FREE.

Read on to find out more...
I'm partnering with dōTERRA to give you another option...
dōTERRA is a leading natural health company global sales over $1billion a year and over 7 million customers worldwide.

When you join dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, you share and market their range of therapeutic quality essential oils, natural supplements and non-toxic wellness products.

It's a proven business model with residual income. 

Our goal in the next 2 months is to make you your first $1,000, and from there scale your income as far as you desire. 

I've made it my goal to turn this venture into a $1million+ annual income stream, part of which will fund my charitable goals.

Rather than throw millions of dollars at TV and radio ads, doTERRA pours that money into their advocates. People like you and me, who also care about others, and want to earn a living doing so.

These small business owners are mostly women, many with families.

The business model gives them flexibility, the ability to work from home, and unlimited earning potential.

These are passionate people who want to be part of a movement and a community - to do work that matters.

They want to thrive, not just survive

They no longer want to stare down the barrel of 50 years of 9-5, having to ask permission to spend time with their kids or go on holiday.
dōTERRA produces the purest essential oils on the planet - not just oils that smell great, but oils you can use for your health & wellness, your home, self-care for you and your family, and even in your kitchen. 

They are on a mission to bring natural wellness to homes across the world.

Look around you. How many people do you know with allergies, autoimmune issues, or chronic disease like diabetes?

We all agree medicine has developed at a crazy pace in the last 100 years. But - I was shocked to discover at a conference recently - we are not any healthier.

Since 2011, life expectancy has flatlined. Our children will be the first generation to have a lower life expectancy than their ancestors.

Whereas 100 years ago, disease was usually infectious (viruses would kill us)... 

...Now, disease is mostly lifestyle based disease.

That means, what we eat, how we move and the environment we choose to exist in is what’s killing us.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, a revolution has well and truly started. More and more people are waking up to how their lifestyle choices are impacting their health.

Are you in position to ride this wave ?

There are millions upon millions of people who need to learn about natural health. Their life quite literally depends on it.

dōTERRA really, genuinely cares about this. They have a mission deep engrained in the company culture to share the possibility of better health.

This isn’t about selling a random product; this is about sharing a vision for health and vitality with a vehicle to do just that.

Over 150 research hospitals work with doTERRA to test and learn about the oils. Their power isn’t even a question any more - there’s too much research out already.

There are 7 BILLION people in the world, and only 7 million use doTERRA. Just 2% of Australians have a doTERRA account. Europe is just about to boom - it’s even further behind Australia. New markets open all the time as well - New Zealand, Philippines, Colombia and Brazil to name a few.

To put how MASSIVE this is into perspective... if you introduced just 10 people to doTERRA's natural healthcare products each month, in 10-12 months you'd be at a level where the average earnings are $38,630 a MONTH.

You're looking for 100-200 customers, in a market of 7 BILLION people!

So can you see the incredible opportunity that’s on offer for ALL of us to jump in to the natural health revolution?
I know what you're thinking...

Network marketing...really?!

I felt this way too - for a long time! I was a self-confessed network marketing snob.

But the truth is, you're likely already recommending products you love... You're just not getting paid for it.

The more I used the oils, the more I fell in love with them - even though I hadn't known much about them before I started. 

...Peppermint nursed me through terrible food poisoning earlier this year
...The aromatherapy blends have supported me through personal crises
...and after I started taking OnGuard I haven't had a cold once -even though I've been on planes all across the world!

Even if I weren't getting paid, I'd still be shouting from the rooftops about these beautiful oils!

And don't forget the support you get built in to the network marketing model:

What most people don't see is that when you become a business owner, you have to wear all the hats...

Customer service, Tech specialist, Website designer, Legal, Logistics, Supply Chain Manager (and on and on).

But, with doTERRA, they do all the background work! 

All you need to do is share the products, and doTERRA handles everything else. 

Zero headaches for you.
Why You Should Consider Joining My dōTERRA Team
  •  Work alongside me as we grow million dollar dōTERRA businesses.
  •  Receive a premium business coaching programme, FREE
  •  Get on-going coaching & business mentoring based on what I've learnt it takes to build a successful online Freedom Business
  •  Create an additional residual income stream if you already have an existing business
  •  Build a brand new business with built-in support
  •  Collaborate with other incredible woman in the team community
  •  Get understanding from fellow Mums in the team what it's like to balance business and family
  •  Hop on coaching calls and get support from top-ranked doTERRA leaders Tara Bliss and Alice Nicholls (more on this below)
dōTERRA's dedication to social impact is incredible.

Their co-impact sourcing model ensures that everyone in the supply chain is paid fairly, from the Frankincense farmer in Somalia to the women who pick Vetiver in rural Nepal.

They invest in infrastructure and education at the source, often handing the ownership of the plants to the cooperatives of farmers. They then invest in vital services such as schools and health centres in the region. Often, these are in places which had no facilities for miles previously.

On top, their 'Healing Hands Foundation' donates its own causes (supporting Syrian refugees in Greek camps, for instance). It can also offer match funding to Wellness Advocates' own charitable projects

You can be sure you're partnering with a company you can stand proudly behind.
  •  Unlimited financial opportunity (yes, unlimited)
  •  Part-timers earn around $2000-$5000 per month.
  •  $16k per month on average as the starting point for someone who wants to create a full-time business with dōTERRA.
Below is a chart outlining the average monthly earnings for the leadership ranks within dōTERRA.

Our plan in these first 2 months is to get you to "Elite" level and earn $1,000. Elite is the level just before Silver, so you are then in a great position to rise through the leadership ranks quickly.
Complimentary Training and Mentorship From... 
Not only do you get support and coaching from me, you also join our wider doTERRA family!
Alice, Tara and Hayley have all reached the top level of doTERRA already - Presidential Diamond. 

Jessica is a 7-figure business strategist who has coached over 1000 women to start businesses.

That means they are all $1million+ earners. 

You're in good hands!
Is dōTERRA and #TeamLivingRosy right for you?
I'm looking for driven women who are dedicated to creating their own version of success. 

Here's who this is NOT for:
  •  Dishonest or unethical people
  •  Whiners, complainers and blame-pointers
  •  Anyone looking to 'get rich quick' or some magic pill

This is for you if you...
  •  Want to create a job-quitting level of income on your own terms
  •  Are excited to be part of a team and collaborate.
  •  Can't wait to start sharing the oils and business opportunity with others
  •  Are willing to do the personal development  necessary to succeed
  •  Are interested in natural health and want to help others
How do I join your programme for free Rosie?
I'm offering this $25,000+ package for FREE because I want you to succeed! As a leader in doTERRA, we are a team. My success is YOUR success. 

So, to get started, all you need to do is register with doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate.

To enrol, all you need to do is purchase an Enrolment Kit of doTERRA products.
  •  Once you're enrolled you will receive an email from me welcoming you to the team.
  •  You receive access to our exclusive 8-week business coaching programme with twice weekly training & coaching calls  ($3,000 value)
  •  We will give you a done-for-you marketing system I personally use ($10,000 Value)
  •  You'll get ongoing coaching and mentoring from me in our weekly team call ($5,000 Value)
  •  You also get access to our team training portal with extra training ($997 value)
  •  You will be invited to join our #TeamLivingRosy team community, as well as Jess, Alice and Tara's wider communities of over 5,000 doTERRA wellness advocates ($997 value)
  •  With VIP Access, you will also receive 8x Weekly Private Coaching Calls with me! ($4,000 value)
That's a total value of $23,994!
Don't Over Think It...
What's the worst that can happen?
Let's face it, you're not dropping $5,000 on a coaching course! 

Worst case, you buy some incredible oils and realise the business opportunity isn't for you...

doTERRA even offers a 30 day refund policy, so you can get your full money back if you need to. (I haven't yet had anyone want to give up those oils though!)

The best case scenario is your financial AND physical health dramatically changes for the better! 

You build a career you LOVE, you create a freedom lifestyle, and you have the impact you desire in the world!

Look... before I joined, I kept on questioning if it was the "right" decision. Finally, I just decided to buy the oils and see what would happen next. I tried them out for 2 weeks, and then decided to go for it.

Within 2 weeks of sharing I was at Elite level, and I'd made $1,000. I was profitable! 
Click the button to learn more about our scholarships.

We start the programme early September 2018. 

Places will go quickly!  Avoid disappointment - enrol NOW.

100% Money Back Guarantee - Return Your Oils for a Full Refund If For Whatever Reason You're Not Satisfied 
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