Spending more time researching how to start your business than actually building it? 

I remember well struggling to get any of my business ideas off the ground for two full years before I started Living Rosy. 

I wrote this book to share the 7 steps you need to implement to make your business a reality:

In this ebook, discover the 7 steps you need to implement to make your business a reality, including things like:

  • How to always find time to work on your business (even when you’re still in your job)
  • How to deal with fear when you’re just starting out
  • How to build a following of loyal customers
  • What you need to do for your business to start making money
  • and even some of the necessary steps to set it up like what to do with your taxes and how to legally create a company
  • I’ve packed the book with tons of content so I think you’ll find it really useful.
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