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Join the Living Rosy Freedom Business Academy for women and learn how you can set up your online business alongside your job until you're ready to quit!
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" Since starting the programme, I have discovered what I truly want to do in my life: creative mentoring, and that I am capable of doing it even now without getting more 'qualified’. I have gained a sense of self worth in my skills: this month I quit my job, where I was being bullied, and I haven't had a single regret. I also did my accounts yesterday: this year since doing the course I have earned three times as much as last year and for my other part time design business. Little old me! "


"I've come on a huge amount. I’ve created The Warrior Mum Project - coaching exhausted mums to create a vision of their ideal life and how to get there. I have had one client so far. What’s massive is that I hand in my notice on January 4th and will be delighted to wave goodbye to my social work job. For that, I can't thank you enough. I learned so much on the course, it really was a life changer so thank you Rosie x."

“I feel so trapped in this corporate rat-race"

"I feel like I’m stuck in my job and missing out on my own life"

“I’d love to have my own business, but where on earth do I start?"

“It’s overwhelming trying to research everything myself"

“I’m so scared of losing money without a regular paycheque”

“I don’t know if I’m even qualified to help other people"
Do any of these sound like you?
Most women dream of a better lifestyle than the typical corporate rat race. They’d love to live life on their own terms, travel, and work from wherever - while keeping their current salary of course.

But, most women don’t ever figure out how to make that happen.

You’ve already got through step one: you know the Freedom Life exists, and you feel ready and willing to create one for yourself! Congratulate yourself, because most people don’t even get that far.

Whether you have a business idea or not, you’re ready to start taking action on your freedom dream - now. But, you’re stuck as to what to do. You’re lacking a proper strategy to come up with a business idea and to turn that idea into a reality.
Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! 
I am very excited to introduce you to the Living Rosy
Freedom Business Academy!
What is the Freedom Business Academy?
Online Business Education

The Freedom Business Academy is a 12-month, immersive online business programme teaching professional women with zero entrepreneurial experience how to start an online information (or service-based business) aka a Freedom Business that can replace your corporate salary and allow you to live a flexible, freedom lifestyle.

For Busy Women

It’s one of the only business programmes designed specifically for women in overwhelming careers to complete alongside their full time job.

Using Your Existing Skills

From conception of the business idea through to launch, the Freedom Business Academy helps you to design a business based around your current skills, talents or life experience.

Replace Your Salary

When you participate in the Freedom Business Academy, come the end of the year (maybe even sooner), you should be able to say goodbye to your day job with confidence that your business will look after you financially. We teach you how to build and scale quickly so you can consistently replace your corporate salary - at least.

Exclusive Community

Beyond the course curriculum, the Freedom Business Academy offers you an exclusive opportunity to join a community of likeminded women all growing their businesses alongside you. We create a supportive environment for you to grow your confidence as a new business owner.

Expert Mentoring

Most importantly, the Freedom Business Academy is not just an online programme. You will have almost daily support from me, Rosie Freiha, Living Rosy founder and business mentor to women across the world. With Q&A sessions, coaching calls, and the chance to have your business featured in our 'hot seat’ sessions, you have the support necessary to take your business all the way in 2017.


" We’re now 9, 10 months in to the programme. I have my own website, I have my own business, I have recently signed my first four paying clients, I’m building my own community and I absolutely love what I’m doing. It’s a huge change for me, and whilst I’m still in my day job at the moment, I’m building this business alongside my job. The one thing that I would change or do differently, is that I would have signed up with her earlier. I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I was following Rosie for a very long time before I signed up to work with her, and knowing what I know now, I wish I’d signed up a long time ago. I think I would be so much further down my path than I am already."


"I was actually signed up to join another programme and I cancelled it to work with Rosie. I fell in love with the programme, I started January 2016, and from the first of August I was my own boss.I have implemented exactly everything that Rosie has said, and I am now starting to get the results. I have had two paying clients, so therefore I have seen a return on my investment. I have my Facebook page set up, I am constantly doing Facebook Lives. My Facebook group has grown, my audience has grown, my reputation has grown. People are starting to hear tell of me, people are starting to know of me and this is all thanks to Rosie and her programme. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without Rosie."


"I immediately felt drawn to the programme. I’m launching an online art gallery to ethically facilitate sales between socially conscious art lovers and society's talented excluded artists. Come March we will give up the flat we've been renting in London and move permanently down to the coast."

Rosie's story

Hi, I’m Rosie Freiha, founder of Living Rosy and a mentor to over 10,000 women across the world ready to start a Freedom Business online.

I started my career in finance, working 12 or 14 hours a day. I hated the lifestyle, the office politics, the stress, the aggression, but I was stuck - I lived in expensive London, and there was no way pay my rent without a good salary to support me.

I ended up burning out...

Luckily, as I searched for alternatives, I stumbled into the world of online business, and I was hooked immediately. I knew that this was my ticket to freedom. Little by little, I edged into my first online business, packaging up my knowledge of stress management to help other burnt out corporate women. 

I tried to DIY my business alongside my day job at first...

For 6 months I hustled a lot but nothing happened, because I didn’t know what to prioritise and I didn’t have a proper marketing strategy in place. 

Once I bit the bullet and hired a mentor to help me, my mentor helped me put all the pieces in place, and see the potential of my business in a new light...

I started taking course after course and coaching programme after coaching programme to learn everything I could. As my stress management business grew, my clients starting asking me about how I run my business. I then realised I had learned so much about online business setup and marketing, I could now help other women break free from the corporate world and live a better, calmer lifestyle in the process. 

Just 8 months into working with a mentor, my business replaced my previous salary...

Within 18 months, my business was generating six figures annually...

Most excitingly, after two years, my business had grown enough that my husband could leave his job too and co-run Living Rosy with me. Since we can work from anywhere, we moved to the sun and currently have a beautiful apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

We love to travel so we move around as much as we can - to Argentina, New Zealand, California, Paris and Morocco to name just a few of the trips we’ve taken since I started my Freedom Business.

As I’ve grown my business over the last few years, I’ve been so lucky to interact with more than 10,000 women in my online community, following me on social media, and in my paid programmes. I’ve worked with nearly 100 women through my various programmes to help them become Freedom Entrepreneurs as well.

Rosie has been featured in
It all started with a little Instagram account...
I could never have imagined all of this would happen so quickly when I first started out with my little Living Rosy Instagram account three years ago. But when you start to take your dreams seriously, take action and get the right support, you’ll be amazed how quickly your so-called ‘dream life’ becomes a reality for you too.
I launched the Living Rosy Freedom Business Academy to create a whole new class of Freedom Entrepreneurs over the course of 2017. 

How will you live your life once you have total freedom? 

Maybe you’ll become a digital nomad, working from chic hotels in Bali, or AirBnB apartments in Paris, LA or Sydney.

Maybe you’ll upgrade your current home to incorporate a beautiful home office, from which you’ll wander down to your local yoga studio for their daily 11am class. 

Or, as some of my clients have done, you’ll be able to create an interesting, stimulating career that you can fit around your children, so you don’t ever have to leave your baby to trek to an office all day long. 
Yes - in just one year you too could have replaced your salary through your business, or made six figures, or have quit your job already.
You were given your biggest dreams for a reason - there is a stronger, deeper force in you than you know, and it's just waiting to be unleashed. When you step up and claim your biggest desires, you inspire others in countless other ways - even people you’ve just met.
“I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.” 
― D. H. Lawrence
A story that really resonated with me, and shaped the way I think about my future, is that of palliative care nurse Bonnie Ware who recalled the top 5 regrets of the dying she had witnessed:
"1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.
4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
5. I wish that I had let myself be happier."
No matter how ‘ordinary’ you feel (let me tell you, there was nothing ‘stand-out about me!) - you can become extraordinary and create an extraordinary life to match and avoid regret.
Living Rosy has come  a long way in the last 3 years
>10,000 women in the Living Rosy community
~100 alumni
9/10 positive review score by alumni
>11,000 followers on social media
I can help you reach your goal
Most of us have zero experience of running a business online. Even my clients with a traditional marketing background find themselves on a huge learning curve once they start their own small business.

There is so much to learn, and you have to become a jack-of-all-trades in the process - website setup, Facebook ads, social media marketing, copywriting, tech, graphic design, accounting and more. When you’re starting out, it’s overwhelming. You don’t know what you don’t know.
You’ve got two choices to try to get your business running
DIY your business
When you DIY, you’re on your own. You’ll spend far more time reading blogs, books and watching free webinars trying to find a solution than you will actually working growing on your business. 

  • You’ll struggle to see the bigger picture or know how to implement each separate piece into one cohesive strategy
  •  You’ll be at the mercy of any online marketer who tries to sell you their course in Pinterest, Webinars or SEO - you’ll be lunging desperately at every ‘shiny object’ or ‘magic pill’ that they throw your way.
  •  You'll have to trial and error your way to profitability, meaning you’ll waste lots of money and time in the process.
  •   Worst of all, you’ll end up running out of money, time or energy trying to make your business come together. It’s very disheartening trying to make it happen all alone
Fast track with a mentor
Instead of trying to make it up as you go along, use a formula or process that has worked for someone else. An end-to-end strategy; not just a magic pill marketing concept:

  • Get support from someone who has been there before, and understands not only the pitfalls, but also the common errors newbie entrepreneurs make.
  •  Make sure you have a community of likeminded people around you, who understand your dreams and will give you the emotional support and motivation you need.
  •   In other words, allow yourself to be shown the way and fast tracked through the entire business building process.
The programme goes into much more practical detail on the how-to of building an online business than I imagined it would. There's no gloss and fluff, it's all really get on and do it - very action-oriented! I didn't think I would ready to get clients until the end of the programme, instead I'm halfway through but seeing that a client could be taken on any day now..." 
― Lucy
"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want. Copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results."
― Tony Robbins
When you work with a mentor, you end up saving time and money because you know what to do to create a successful business.

Instead of wasting time trying to figure it out yourself, the mentor helps you get to profitability faster, meaning you will start earning from your business sooner. 

I actually just came off a discovery call with a potential client now. Really exciting! I can only only say that’s down to you and that structure I have put in place where I set aside time every week. Kudos to you, Rosie, because your information product works!


I’m still working with Rosie - I have enjoyed it immensely. So far, I have had a few wobbles, but I feel more confident now that I can do this. I have changed my mindset to “I will do it!” HUGE Thank you to Rosie for not losing faith in my and helping me get back on track!

Living Rosy's Freedom Business academy supports you through
  •  Success Mindset - We show you how to overcome your fears and start believing in your own abilities and the potential for your business
  •  Strong Idea - We help you craft your business idea. It can be simple, but you need to be smart about how you position the idea and how you package your services
  •  Strategic marketing - We teach you how to use automated scalable marketing to build your business at a low cost
  •  Surround yourself - We grant you access to an exclusive community of like-minded women who will raise you up, not push you down
  •  Supportive mentoring - We offer you personalised mentoring and individual feedback at every step of the way

"I came to the programme with some ideas of what i wanted to do, and Rosie really helped me to work through and refine them into something that would work as a successful business but also something that would work for the lifestyle that I wanted. I feel that the business I’ve built is important not just for me but also for my clients and my potential clients - so thank you Rosie."


"Rosie’s been there for me every step of the way. She’s always in the Facebook group. She offers support but she also kicks me up the backside when I need it - which I do sometimes need and I’m very appreciative of. It’s just made a huge difference to my life."

What's included in the Freedom Business Academy?
I have created this curriculum based on my own experience of building my business alongside my job and over $60,000 of business & marketing education I have invested in over the last few years. 

I have taken everything I know and packed it into this comprehensive program that teaches you everything you need to know to build your own business in 2017.
Month 1
Orientation Month
We focus on creating your success mindset and boosting your confidence as a new entrepreneur
Month 2
Idea Validation
We discover and validate your business idea! We choose your ideal clients and develop your product as the perfect solution to their needs
Month 3
Product Creation
Conduct in-depth market research to discover exactly what your ideal clients require. Build a service bespoke to their needs. Learn how to create results with your clients, price your services at a premium rate, and create raving fans
Month 4
Develop a powerful, engaging brand. Discover how to create a polished look to your company at little cost, no graphic design skills needed!
Month 5
Website Building
We build your website! Learn my hacks to build a professional website without any tech skills
Month 6
Online Marketing I
Discover how to create a free offer your ideal clients will love so you can start building your all-important list. Attract ideal clients for free with our no-cost marketing methods
Month 7
Online Marketing II
Learn how to scale your audience quickly and develop cold leads into engaged community participants 
Month 8
Create a mini-offer your audience will love
Month 9
Professional Communication
Learn how to command the attention of your audience with every email, post or video - and how to turn browsers into paying clients
Month 10
Advanced Marketing
I teach you how you can make sales each and every week with just one strategy
Month 11
Funnel Automation & Passive Income Creation
We complete the automation of your marketing with advanced online marketing skills
Month 12
Completion, Celebration & Future Planning
Celebrate your new business, your clients, the end of our journey and the massive transformation you’ve accomplished in 2017! Tie all the strategy you’ve learned over the year together, and plan out your 2018 strategy to double or triple your previous corporate salary

"I like how methodical the programme is. It covers everything from coming up with a business idea all the way up to running it. I've found all the mindset work to be so beneficial as well because it's really helped me face challenges with a (mostly!) positive outlook. And the community is awesome!"


"I just love the programme. We have a Facebook group with everyone who’s doing it. There’s so much support, we motivate each other whilst we’re still in our day jobs. If we have a problem, Rosie is always available through Facebook."

Private Facebook Community
Get the support of your fellow Academy members, but also Living Rosy alumni - women already running successful Freedom Businesses - in our private members’ community
(Study with Rosie)
Study with Rosie - Student Group
Ask Rosie questions as a member of the study with Rosie Student Group. Rosie will be in and out of that group almost every day to answer questions and get you moving again quickly.
(VIP Live)
Live Mentoring Calls with Rosie
Join Rosie every two weeks throughout the year for live group mentoring at every step of the programme. We have 20 mentoring calls and 4 goal-setting calls scheduled for the year. Have your questions answered, get advice and feedback on your ideas, and receive deeper insight from hearing the other participants’ questions too. 
(VIP Live)
Priority Mentoring Group
Ask Rosie questions even outside call times as a member of the priority mentoring group. Rosie will be in and out of that group almost every day, so you can be sure to get your questions answered and get you moving again quickly.

"The most valuable part for me has been my private coaching sessions with Rosie. Rosie has really helped keep me focused. She has helped me to stop procrastinating both obviously on the calls and in-between, and also helps me shift my mindset into something more positive, particularly when I struggle to shift it myself."


"I chose the group programme [VIP] because I felt that this was the best method for me. I knew that I would meet other likeminded individuals, and we would support each other along the way. This has proven to be true - I am still friends with the girls on the course, we still chat daily. We still support each other in our businesses, and it has been great connections to make."

(Private 1: 1)
Private 1:1 Mentoring with Rosie
Rosie is taking on just 4 private clients this year. Enjoy private, hour-long 1:1 sessions with Rosie for every module, and private email access to Rosie as well. All private members receive group level access as well, so you will still have the community support and benefit from the group calls on top of your personalised mentoring.
Enrol today to receive these 5 value-packed free bonuses...
Bonus 1
Finance & Tax
You probably need help with finances and tax. So, I invited a previous Living Rosy graduate and accountant to online entrepreneurs Alicia Mahase to give a guest lecture. (value $297)
Bonus 2
Legal Support
You’re also wondering what to do with copyrights, trademarks, contracts - all the legal stuff.
I’m no lawyer, so I invited online legal expert Gena Shingle Jaffe to create a guest module on all the legal issues you need to consider (value $197).
Bonus 3
You need to craft the right stories and tell your personal story in a powerful way to help grow your business. Kyle Slavik is an expert on marketing through story telling. She’s run campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry - creating millions of dollars of sales per client! She will be coming to give a guest lecture for the Freedom Business Academy participants to help (value $297).
Bonus 4
Advanced Facebook Advertising
We have Living Rosy’s own Facebook advertising consultant, coming to give a guest lecture on Facebook advertising trends, new strategies, and advanced tactics so you can get attract as many ideal clients as possible. (value $297).
Bonus 5
How to Hire Freelancers & Experts to Grow Your Business
And finally, I created a bonus module all around hiring experts and freelancers to help you grow your business. We cover great topics like where to find high quality freelancers, and how to expand your team without it costing much money at all. (value $297)
How is the academy delivered?
The Freedom Business Academy is an in-depth online business programme. 
You access all 20 modules through your online members’ portal. Each video module explains a specific element of business building. Accompanying each video is a printable workbook containing in-depth exercises to help you take action and implement the teaching in the video.

Overall, the modules are designed to be completed in around 3 hours every 2 weeks. The entire programme, including both the modules and the business activity, is designed to take around 5-9 hours per week.
My programmes are designed to be taken alongside your job. This is what makes this academy unique.
It is designed with the corporate woman in mind. Most other programmes are either made for the full time entrepreneur and do not take into account the limited time and energy you have when you work full time in a very busy career. 
I was in your shoes, working 12 hours per day in finance when I launched my business; so I understand what it means to build a business alongside a hectic job.
  • Practical, action-oriented video modules to walk you through exactly how to launch your business alongside your job
  •  PDF transcripts for the visual learner 
  •  In-depth printable workbooks to accompany the video modules and help you implement the teachings
  •  Live mentoring calls with Rosie every 2 weeks (VIP)
  •  Hot seat consultations on each element of your business (VIP)
  •  Access to an exclusive and thriving private community of female entrepreneurs 
  •  Continuous support and encouragement from Rosie
  •  Plus bonus guest lectures from industry-leading experts
  •  The material is accessible from any desktop, laptop, tablet and even mobile
  •  Recommended reading and resource lists
  •  And more...

I put myself out there and got really awesome feedback - I didn’t realise how much value I could be in someone’s life. I could use skills that are a no-brainer for me to help other women. I’ve finally found an idea I’m really confident in and, 6 months into working with Rosie, I got my first client and made money!


Before I joined the programme I was feeling very stuck myself, I had the idea that I wanted to set up my own business, which I’ve had for so long, but I felt overwhelmed and confused about the steps I needed to take to actually make that dream a reality. 
 The reason I chose this programme is mainly because it works alongside your current employment. I’m still in my full time job and this programme helps you make that transition from employment to entrepreneurship. I would recommend it to anyone. So take action, pursue your dreams, because you can do it! - Carolyn

Four Investment options


One-time payment
  • equates to ~£803 (UK)

20 video modules & 20 in-depth module workbooks ($14,973 value)

5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules ($1,385 value)

12-month access to Living Rosy Community ($997 value)

12-month Access to Rosie Student Group ($1,997 value)

20 Live group training calls & 4 goal-setting calls($10,000 value)

Marketing Makeovers($500 value) 

Personal Coaching Hot Seats ($500 value) 

20 privatementoring sessions 1:1 with Rosie ($20,000 value) 

Personal email contact with Rosie all year ($6,000 value)

Study with Rosie
[ sold out ]
this option provides support via the study with rosie group ON TOp of the modules and community access
or Payment Plan: 9x $397
  • equates to ~£2,417 (UK)

20 video modules & 20 in-depth module workbooks ($14,973 value)

5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules ($1,385 value)

12-month access to Living Rosy Community ($997 value)

12-month Access to Rosie via Student Group ($1,997 value)

20 Live group training calls & 4 goal-setting calls ($10,000 value)

Marketing Makeovers ($500 value) 

Personal Coaching Hot Seats ($500 value) 

20 private mentoring sessions 1:1 with Rosie ($20,000 value) 

Personal email contact with Rosie all year ($6,000 value)

VIP Study
with Rosie Live
[ sold out ]
Our most popular option with a high level of support, live calls with rosie and inner circle experience
or Payment Plan: 12x $897
  • equates to ~£7,267 (UK)

20 video modules & 20 in-depth module workbooks ($14,973 value)

5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules ($1,385 value)

12-month access to Living Rosy Community ($997 value)

12-month Access to Rosie via Student Group ($1,997 value)

20 Live group training calls & 4 goal-setting calls ($10,000 value)

Marketing Makeovers($500 value) 

Personal Coaching Hot Seats($500 value) 

20 private mentoring sessions 1:1 with Rosie ($20,000 value) 

Personal email contact with Rosie all year ($6,000 value)

Private 1:1

[ sold out ]
Your best option for a personalised experience, private sessions with rosie and ongoing email support
or $4k payment + 12x $1,597
  • equates to ~£16,153 (UK)

20 video modules & 20 in-depth module workbooks ($14,973 value)

5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules ($1,385 value)

12-month access to Living Rosy Community ($997 value)

12-month Access to Rosie via Student Group ($1,997 value)

20 Live group training calls & 4 goal-setting calls ($10,000 value)

Marketing Makeovers ($500 value) 

Personal Coaching Hot Seats ($500 value) 

20 private mentoring sessions 1:1 with Rosie ($20,000 value) 

Personal email contact with Rosie all year ($6,000 value)

– Leah
– Keri

One-time payment
  • equates to ~£803 (UK)
Study with Rosie
[ sold out ]
or Payment Plan: 9x $397
  • equates to ~£2,417 (UK)

[ sold out ]
or Payment Plan: 12x $897
  • equates to ~£7,267 (UK)
Private 1:1

[ sold out ]
or $4k payment + 12x $1,597
  • equates to ~£16,153 (UK)
9 months in to working with Rosie I have signed my first four paying clients. I’m building my own community and I absolutely love what I’m doing.”
- Leah
“What I need, and what Rosie provides, is a tangible, no-nonsense approach to freedom businesses"
- Kate
""I started Rosie's programme in January. By the first of August, I was my own boss.”
- Keri
"I would recommend Rosie’s programmes to anyone. Take action, pursue your dreams, because you can do it!” 
- Carolyn
Which level of programme is right for me?
While all levels provide you with access to the modules and tools, the main difference is the level of support you would receive to help you on your journey.

Our Self-study option is the gives you access to the curriculum and the bonus, without any formal support from Rosie.

Study with Rosie offers support on top via the Student Group where you can ask questions to Rosie.

It’s important to realise that starting a business is an exercise in personal development far more than a professional one - your mindset, limiting beliefs and self-doubt will all come to the fore when you challenge yourself in this way. Having a mentor’s live presence consistently will do so much to keep you on track. For that reason, we recommend the VIP Study with Rosie Live programme for most participants. While we've seen past students find success in all levels, VIP Live is where our students have found the quickest and highest amount of success.

If you require maximal support, or want to fast track your business success even faster, the Private 1:1 sessions are an extra level of support and consulting for you and your specific business requirements.
I'm hopeless with tech, how on earth can I start an online business?
We don’t have to be coding wizards to run an online business. If you can handle Google searches and navigate Facebook, you are already well-equipped to get going. Yes, there are a few (very user-friendly) apps to get acquainted with, but you have my full support in learning how to use them. Most of these platforms are equipped with drag & drop features which makes them very accessible.

I’m known by my friends as a "tech grandma” for my (lacking) technical ability, but I am fully capable of running my business alone. Remember there is always an expert who can handle anything funky, probably for less than $50 too.

 If I can do it, you can too!
What makes this programme different?
First of all, it’s all-you-need, fully comprehensive. Most other courses on the market help you with just one element of online business, but the Freedom Business Academy takes you through the entire business building process step by step. You don’t have to worry about trying to piece together different people’s strategies, or only getting half the story. All you have to do is follow the framework and my guidelines.

Secondly, it is designed specifically to be taken around your job I built my business while working 12 hour days in finance, so I know just how tiring and emotionally exhausting a busy career can be. Just give me 5-9 hours a week, follow along with the modules - and you’ll have your business sorted. 

Thirdly, it’s a women only programme. I’ve found we come out of our shells a lot more when men aren’t around - we’re more vulnerable and open. It’s a better way to be mentored and coached because you aren’t trying to put on a false bravado when really you need help.
How much time do I need to dedicate to my programme?
Having launched Living Rosy while working all hours in investment banking, I know how tough it can be to find time to work on your dreams. That's why I've deliberately condensed and streamlined this programme into a step-by-step process for you to follow along.
It’s likely to take 2-3 hours to complete each module. Overall, I recommend 5-10 hours per week to build your business alongside your day job following my process. The Orientation module helps you to craft a powerful schedule to enable you to find these pockets of time.
I’m brand new to business. Is this programme right for me?
Yes! You don’t need any business experience at all to join the Freedom Business Academy. 
Do I need a business idea to join the programme?
Not at all. Our first modules help you to understand all your skills, talents and life experience, so you can choose a profitable business idea. Everyone has something valuable to offer - we help you to find your area of experience. We help you to conceive the idea, choose the right business model for you, and create your service or offering.

If you already have a business idea (plenty of my clients do when they start), these first modules help you to validate your idea, niche your target market and develop a powerful offering that is highly sought after by your ideal clients. Normally, during this process, my clients discover vital tweaks they need to make to their concept to allow it to be profitable.
How long until I start making money in my business?
Launching a business takes time and effort. Even with my coaching and mentorship, members of my live programmes usually take at least 6 months to get up and running. That’s why I make the Freedom Business Academy an entire year. I want you to be supported right through to consistent income in your business.

You can expect to make money somewhere between months 3 and 9, depending on how quickly you implement the teaching in the programme and work through your own mindset blocks.
Do you offer a guarantee that I will make money?
I would love to be able to offer you a guarantee, but unfortunately I cannot because you must implement what I teach to become successful. The effort has to come from you. This is not a get rich quick scheme, to see the results you need to implement the teachings - we put in place a process for you to follow. If you don't follow it, the results obviously won't be achieved which explains why we cannot offer a guarantee.

I am here to support you at every step of the way, even if you are doubting yourself or feel overwhelmed.

If you follow what I teach and reach out for support when needed, there should not be any reason why you will not see the success I and my clients have had with our businesses.
I don’t want to continue with my current profession - what can I do?
There are so many opportunities to create a Freedom Business you love. You can package up skills and talents from your personal life, and even certain life experience to create a valuable product or service. 

Here are a few examples of our clients’ career change: 
* from insurance to political education for school children
* from admin to productivity coaching for millennial women
* from marketing to confidence coaching
* from food quality to empowered communication for women
* from banker to financial planning with life coaching
* from lawyer to burnout support
* from local government to health coaching
* from insurance sales to life coaching for anime lovers
* from marketing agency to marketing consulting
* from non-profit to child adoption consulting
* from project management to wine education
 The reason I chose this programme is mainly because it works alongside your current employment. I’m still in my full time job and this programme helps you make that transition from employment to entrepreneurship. I would recommend it to anyone. So take action, pursue your dreams, because you can do it!" ― Carolyn
What is “mindset work” and why is it so important?
On my journey to entrepreneurship, I’ve discovered just one thing that will make or break your success: your mindset.

You are telling yourself stories and creating beliefs about yourself and the world all the time. Whether its “I’m not good with tech” or “money only goes to bad people”, you have, often subconsciously, taken on beliefs that you accept as true.

When we work on our mindset, we change those thought patterns and beliefs to more constructive ones. If you believe you can start your business, any issue you have - lack of time, lack of money, lack of expertise - will disappear, because you will be resourceful enough to keep looking until you find what you need.

Mindset is so crucial that we spend a portion of every single module of the Freedom Business Academy working on different parts of our belief system and developing new, better ways of thinking that will allow up to succeed.
I don’t want to become a coach - is this the right programme for me?
Definitely! We have women go through our mentoring and become all sorts of different types of information or service-based business owners. Recently we have helped our clients become: a burnout coach, a political educator, a freelance accountant, a creative consultant, a branding consultant, a freelance financial consultant, a pregnancy coach, and a career change advisor, to name a few.
What other investments will I have to make?
We’ve designed this programme as a comprehensive learning experience for you to build your business. In terms of learning, this is designed to be all you need to get your business started and replace your salary.

There are minimal costs to run a business online - these are obviously up to you as a business owner to decide to invest in, but at the basic level they shouldn’t amount to more than $100 per month.

We recommend you use paid advertising methods (which we will teach you of course) but again your budget is up to you. Even a one-off $200-300 should give your business a boost, and you can always reinvest your profits from sales back into advertising as you start to gain momentum.

Remember, the focus of the programme is to create a business that consistently replace your corporate salary at least. By structuring your business model the way I teach, you should be able to earn $5,000-$10,000 per month in your business.
What if I need to miss a call or have a busy period at work or in my personal life?
I get it, we are all very busy. Life will always try to get in the way. I’ve developed this programme specifically for women with a busy schedule, so it’s deliberately flexible.

The calls are recorded, so you can always catch up in your own time if you cannot make it live. The modules are also recorded so you can do them at your own pace.

A year is a really good amount of time to work slowly but consistently on your business, and also keep up with your other responsibilities. 

If you’re worried about not having enough time, please don’t be! We support you in creating a schedule that can work for you and your commitments.
Life will rarely give us a month of peace, let alone a full year! What’s important is that we get going and keep trying. Even if you have to fall off the wagon for a couple of weeks or months, you can always get back on again. This attitude is what will guarantee your eventual success.
 For anyone like me who is worried they wouldn’t have the time to focus on the programme, I’d say don’t - firstly, the programme is designed to find time in your busy schedule, and Rosie will help you find time in your coaching sessions. But also, I think you will find time for things that are important to you and also that you enjoy - and I’ve absolutely enjoyed every module I’ve worked through." ― Corey
I have a business, but it’s not going anywhere. Can you help me?
If you’ve already taken a few steps to start your business, we can help you build on what you’ve achieved. Often we can implement one or to pieces ourselves, but we lack an overarching strategy. for example, you might have a website but not know how to get traffic to it. We will help you develop a powerful marketing strategy and tweak your offer so it starts to sell.
Why choose this academy vs. a Master's degree or Business school?
Business schools have their place in the world - if you want to climb the corporate ladder. For $150,000-200,000, you can spend 2 years learning a lot of theory and end up in a management consultancy working all hours to pay it all off again.

Freedom businesses are different from the rest - they are quick to set up and don’t need huge amounts of capital, so no need for investors or detailed business plans. There’s no need to learn about Mergers and Acquisitions or Advanced Accounting. A traditional MBA isn’t going to help much with this type of business..

Similarly, a Masters degree is a specialised academic qualification. It is theoretical rather than applicable. The real use of a Masters degree is a step toward academia; it may get you another job (I say “may” because there is no guarantee).

Instead, our Freedom Business Academy is designed to be practical. You build your business as you learn, so by the end of the year I fully expect you to be making money from your business if you implement as you go.

On a cost basis, you find it’s cheaper than both the Masters programme and the MBA, and it’s specifically designed for you to receive a return on investment by the end (or even before the end) of the programme. 
– Corey
– Carolyn
– Grace

If you have read this far...

It shows you are interested in the programme. Evidently there is something about Freedom Business that you desire...

You likely really want to join the Freedom Business Academy, but you are scared. Scared to invest; or scared to fail. Maybe even scared to succeed and finally live the life you dream of...

I’m sure you know the old saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”

I can give you every conceivable bonus, freebie, answer every question - but when it comes down to it, you have to make the choice...

You’ve got a choice now:

- You could do nothing, which is comfortable and has zero risk to you. You’ll not lose, but then again, you’ll not change either. You’ll still have to get up every morning, commute to the office, work all day, come home exhausted, and repeat it all over again. Not acting is as much a choice as taking action. 

- OR, you could take the leap of faith and join hundreds of women who have already built their dream lives. 

Yes, it’s pretty scary. Yes, you do need to invest. But, the key word here is invest. This is not an expense... 

This is not a sunk cost. By investing in this programme, you are fast tracking your business success. You're getting all the strategies to actually speed up the timeline on making a profitable business. You’re saving a whole lot of time, effort, money and heartache in actually understanding step-by-step how to build a successful business online.

It’s scary to stray from the status quo...

It’s scary to imagine change on any scale...

All of us who have ever made a big change in their lives - me included - have had to take a leap of faith at one time or another.

If you desire to start a profitable business in 2017, then I invite you to take that leap of faith and join us to fast track your success this year in the Freedom Business Academy.

With Love,



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 I have implemented exactly everything that Rosie has said, and I am now starting to get the results. I have had two paying clients, so therefore I have seen a return on my investment." ― Keri
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