Save 25% on your natural health needs:
Join dōTERRA® Wholesale today!
Here's how you can get started a few easy steps:
  •  Step 1: Click the button above or this link: to join DoTerra
  •  Step 2: A new page will open, click "Join & Save" on the top right
  •  Step 3: At the bottom of the new page, click "Join DoTerra"
  •  Step 4: Choose your Country & Language
  •  Step 5: Choose "Wholesale Customer"         
  •  Step 6: Enter your Contact details and enter number: 5661725 Under "Enroller ID".
  •  Step 7: Choose your products! I recommend an Enrolment Kit because these will waive the $35 registration fee. The Home Essentials Kit gives you a great selection of oils + a diffuser too!
  •  Step 8: Enter your credit card details and your order will be processed through DoTerra's secure network. Your order will be shipped to your home in a few days.
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